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Features that make you smile

1. Built for profit

Buy cheap, profit big. We make it easy to sell, design and build websites. Our program is designed to deliver you a strong, sustainable web business. And with our extra sales support and business building tips, profit will be as quick and easy as saying Web123.

2. Designed for beauty

Designed for designers by designers. Our web builder creates a flexible framework for your designs and then get’s out of the way so you can do what you do best.

3. Ditch your developer

With our proprieatry CMS system, we’ve already done the developer work so you don’t have to go through the same old developer hell with each project. We promise you fixed price websites, oodles of website features and friendly, free support. Plus no confusion, no stress and no greedy developers. So, are you smiling yet?

4. Powerful back-end with a stacked front-end

Seriously, our back-end CMS is pretty buff. Our front-end is pretty stacked too. And with over 75 layout options we can assure you, no two websites will ever look the same.

5. Get selling, pronto

Our easy, intuitive web builder let’s you hit the ground running. You could become a ProPartner on Monday, complete the Web123 training by Wednesday, sell a client site on Thursday and get them live for Monday. We kid you not, we’ve seen it happen. So, get profiting, pronto.

6. Be a real, honest to goodness web expert

If you’re anything like us, you love to learn new things, but you’re time poor and just want to cut to the chase. Agree? Our ‘Get Smart’ educational program teaches you to build websites in a practical, bite-sized way. And then, if you have the time (and the desire) we can teach you everything else. Digital marketing and web business building can be easy, you just have to approach it the smart way. And you start, by saying ‘sign me up’!

Features that will make your clients smile


Websites made easy.

You can’t sell a website if you can’t make
it work for your client. All our websites
come with a user-friendly content
management system that makes
it easy for clients to maintain once
you’ve delivered the project. So you
can be free to get on with the next one.


Websites built to rank and convert.

Brochure websites are a thing of the
past with Web123. Our websites are
designed to be Google-friendly and
customer converting machines.
No tech knowledge required.


Websites for small businesses
who want to be smart.

From eCommerce and shopping carts
to booking engines and integrated
email marketing, and more. Everything
works together seamlessly and simply.
We make it easy for your client to
do business. Totally headache free.


Websites for small businesses who want to look big (at a fraction of the price).

Don’t let the small price tag fool you,
our CMS websites are crazy powerful.
If you had a developer build you the same
functionality you’d be looking at least
$10k. We sell it to you for a fraction of that.
So even when you add your design,
branding and project management fees
your client is going to be getting an
awesomely affordable website.

Features to make your competitors cry

Faster and Smarter

You’ll build websites faster, smarter and cheaper than just about anyone else in town. But you won’t be selling those el cheapo template sites that give you ‘the easy’ but take away all your control. You’ll be selling really flexible websites for really smart businesses. Who’s going to be able to beat that?

Honest to goodness partnership. No bull.

When you’re a small business you forget how fantastic a closely knit, supportive team can be. So many companies talk the talk, but who really walks the walk? We do. When you become a Web123 ProPartner we take the word ‘partner’ seriously. You’re an integral part of our business, just as we know we’ll become a part of yours. Real teamwork is priceless, and that’s no bull.

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Become a web designer with Web123.
It’s totally drama free and no coding required.
Come on, you know you want to!

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