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Bet you never dreamed you could be a web designer without going back to uni, right? But, seriously, why waste 3 years of your life when you could master web building in 3 days… in the comfort of your own home. Before you scoff, give us a minute and we’ll tell you why the Web123 way is the smart way to move into your very own web design business. Superfast.

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I’ve been down the road of the nightmare developer plenty of times. Web123 do web the way it should be done. It’s a breeze.

Emilio Park - Kwik Kopy Phillip

All the elements of a booming web business...

All the access

All you have to do is join up,
complete the online video training
over a weekend and, voila, you'll
be a full-fledged web designer.
How easy is that?

All the time

We made our builder to be
super easy so you can focus
on designing, not building.
And that saves you serious
amounts of time.

All the skills

With our online ‘Get Smart’
education program you control
when and where you learn. You can
do it at a café, in your bedroom, or,
our favourite, while lounging in your
backyard sipping cocktails. This
could be the only time it’ll be cool
to go to school in your undies.
*ask your household first.

All the tools

Our Web123 Web Builder gives
you the framework and our
powerful CMS software gives
you the tools to quickly deliver
impressive web projects
to your clients.

All the jobs

Once you’ve gotten your Web123
certification you can sell lots of
websites… without ever being held
to ransom by a web developer again.

All the right reasons to try us out

So come on, press that orange button down there and test-drive our web builder and business
building resources. What have you got to lose? The only thing it’s going to cost you is a mouse click!

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