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Because 'about us' pages get boring

We’ve always believed small business is where it’s at. The hardest working, margin-crunching, back-breaking effort you put in every day just to make a buck is pretty phenomenal. You deserve a break.

We caught a pretty big break back in 2009 when a feisty graphic designer (Bianca) and a super-savvy sales guy (Simon) brought together their collective experience and their collective frustrations at what the web industry was offering.

We believed it was possible for people to have a big business look at a small business price. We believed it should be easy. After all, websites aren’t rocket science! 1000 client websites later we can safely say we’ve turned the small business website industry on its head.

And, in 2013 we’ve now launched the next stage of our web revolution. This time it’s about helping the ‘little’ designer or printer so they’ll never be held to ransom by greedy developers again.

We’ve created a framework that’s code-free, but designer-friendly.

It’s helping them work smarter. And it’s about teaching them how to run a successful web business, because digital is the future. And what do we call the future? The Web123 ProPartner program.

We believe you should have full control of your own website projects. The buck stops with you and so do your profits, the way it should be!

We’re so proud to say, after years of development and a whole lot of moola, our new website builder and our ‘Get Smart’ online learning system is absolutely world class. There isn’t anything like this ANYWHERE in the world… and we’ve searched far & wide.

We’re proud to say we’re not alone in our beliefs. We’ve got a groundswell of support from our new ProPartners who believe, just like we do, that website projects should be easy, fast… and profitable.

So that’s our story. The next part of the story belongs to you.

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