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Meet Alice Cox, a young designer in Mackay, Queensland.
Meet Emilio Park, an entrepreneurial graphic designer and self-professed lateral thinker.

Alice Cox, Web Designer, DPA.

Meet Alice Cox, a young designer in Mackay, Queensland. Heading DPA’s web design department, Alice works very closely with the geeks of Web123 to get her client’s sites over the line.

About DPA

A full service advertising agency in Mackay specialising in branding, media, websites, printing and more.

What they needed
  • A flexible web partner
  • To find an easy way to produce websites for clients.
What they did
  • Trialled the ProPartner reseller program.
  • Promoted their new web service to existing clients.
  • Solve the pains of their customers with Web123 websites.
  • Used happy customer’s word of mouth to power their new web business sales.
What they've accomplished
  • Expanded their offerings without any extra staff.
  • Created a new, sustainable
    revenue stream for their agency
  • Now the web experts in Mackay and surrounds

Alice's full story

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