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The Team

Meet your happy (but slightly dysfunctional) web family.

Running a department is a lot like having a big family. You love ‘em, and they’re awesome when they work together, but an expensive headache when they don’t.

When you join us as a ProPartner you get the best parts of a big geeky family and none of the crappy bits. All the good stuff (unlimited technical support with real humans who care) and none of the bad stuff (dealing with tech geeks questionable hygiene). That’s why we offer you, on a geeky platter, our ‘A team’ of the best web and digital marketing brains in the business. Mmmm, brains.

Look at all those pretty faces

Simon Langridge

Master Salesman, Lover of bourbon.

Bianca Board

"Go Haaaaaard ProPartners!!"

Lliam Murphy

Actor. Director. Owner of two L's in his first name.

Mel Dever

Mistress of inappropriate jokes.

Ben Houghten

Is tall and can reach the extra mile... without moving.

Kahli Benney

Likes to party like it's 1999 (when she was 10!)

Pete England

Pete enjoys a nice pair of slacks.

Kyle Morgan

Is the extra mile

Reece Townsend

Helps by being really helpful.

Andrew Coyne

Enjoys warm beer on a cold summers day.

Matt John

Enjoys a nice stole in the city & Mexican food.

Dylan Simpson

Need a website?

Matthew Desailly

Hides under his desk when asked for a bio.

Sarah Ridgway

Holds a black belt in geekery (and kick boxing).

Liam Mills

Now available in a re-sealable bag, for longer lasting freshness.

Tineke Jones

Thinks Mel's video scripts (and brain) is kinda odd.

It’s the only way to run a successful web design business without the stress.
Are you ready to get smart and join the best web family in town?

P.S. There’s absolutely no reason why we’re dressed in lycra and sweatbands,
we just like the way it feels.

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of what you’ll get.

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